Additional Terms and Conditions

Service Fee: A $75 service fee ($89 for maintenance plan) is required for each service order. Each separate system / fixture / appliance / failure / etc. requires a separate service order.

Required Coverage: Properties with multiple HVAC systems require add on coverage for each additional system after the first system. If additional required coverage is not added for all installed systems, ALL HVAC coverage will be denied.

Properties with more than one water heater or specialty water heaters require add on coverage. If additional required coverage is not added for all installed systems, ALL coverage for water heating systems will be denied.

Terms of Coverage: appliances, fixtures, and other covered items must be installed and in safe operating condition on the first day of coverage or coverage will be denied. Installed appliances will be documented at sign up. If a property owner elects to replace a covered appliance after the first day of coverage under this plan, the model number and serial number must be provided to the company before coverage will go in to effect for the replacement appliance. There will be a 90 day waiting period from the date that you provide the information on the new appliance. The old appliance will no longer be covered under this plan.

Where more than one of a certain type of covered appliance is installed in a house additional coverage may be purchased. If additional coverage is not purchased, only the appliances installed in the main kitchen will be covered. Or at the primary laundry hook ups for washers and dryers.

Additional Exclusions: Abuse, neglect, improper use, improper design, improper installation, improperly sized, acts of nature, fire, vandalism, code violations, upgrades required by code

This plan does not cover: cosmetic defects, access or closure, missing parts, additional failures due to failed repair attempts of others, mold, haul off, disposal, food spoilage, incidental/consequential damages, items that are covered under a manufactures warranty or other extended warranty, items that have been recalled by the manufacturer

*We will make any needed above ground repair anywhere within the system on the main house for free.

*The plan includes one heating/cooling system. Properties with additional units require additional coverage for each system

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