Same Day Water Heater Replacement in Gilbert, AZ

Is your home’s water heater struggling to keep up? Don’t let a faulty unit disrupt your daily comfort. At Thomas Home Services, we specialize in quick, reliable water heater replacements in Gilbert, Arizona that enhance your home’s efficiency and provide continuous hot water. Plus, complete your replacement with us and we’ll waive the service fee!

Call us today for a water heater replacement done swiftly and correctly.

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About Thomas Home Services

Thomas Home Services is a family-owned company that has provided the finest in quality plumbing services since we started in business in 1946. We’ve served the entire Phoenix and East Valley area since 1994. We work to set ourselves apart from other service companies with our dedication to providing our customers with an experience that leaves them 100% satisfied. That’s not all that sets us apart:

  • Available for all repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • All East and West Valley locations

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured to handle any situation in your home

  • A+ rating with the BBB

We have a base of over 10,000 customers because we’re the top plumbers in Phoenix. Join our customer family today and you’ll see why we’ve been around for so long.

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The Thomas Home WarrantyHome Warranty in Arizona

Introducing the Thomas Home Warranty—an unbeatable shield for your peace of mind! When everyday wear and tear cause hiccups with your covered items, our team of skilled technicians swoops in to tackle above-ground repairs at absolutely no cost to you*. Just a small $95 deductible unlocks a world of worry-free living—no hidden fees, no surprises. And if a covered item can’t be fixed, we’ll replace it with a top-notch builder-grade alternative, all for the same $95 deductible. From plumbing to HVAC, electric to appliances, we’ve got your home covered. Experience seamless living with Thomas Home Warranty—your ultimate protection against household headaches.