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When was the last time you checked your home for leaks?

Have you noticed an increase in your water bill? A toilet that won’t flush? Low water pressure or a slow drain?

A leak that continues to go unnoticed or unrepaired can lead to high water bills and costly structural damage.

Although there are some things you can do to detect a leak yourself, such as checking your water meter or monitoring your water bills, many leaks pass unnoticed and require professional leak detection service.

Slab leaks, landscaping leaks, water main leaks, sewer leaks, gas leaks, or any leak that is underground can be extremely hard to detect. Sometimes, an underground leak will saturate areas around your house, so you might be able to walk around your home and detect a leak that way.

Detecting without Destroying

Regardless of whether you think you have a leak or not, it is a good idea to regularly inspect your home for leaks and potential leaks. But don’t let just anyone dismantle your home in an attempt to find a leak.

Leak detection requires technical expertise and the right equipment in order to complete a non-invasive, accurate, and speedy process. Our expert leak technicians have experience with every kind of leak imaginable and carry the tools on hand to complete same-day service for most jobs.

After locating the leak and detecting the cause, our expert leak technician will provide you with the best options for repair, including completely non-invasive procedures.

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