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Water Softeners in Chandler, AZ

Hard water is a common problem in Chandler, AZ. The high mineral content can create problems for a plumbing system and make life less convenient. To prevent hard water troubles in your house, let Thomas Home Services install a hard water softener system. Our technicians have the best training and guarantee your 100% satisfaction. We’re a licensed, bonded, and insured company that’s been family-owned since 1946.

Call the Friendliest Technicians in the World to defeat hard water in your home with whole-house water softener services.

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Water Softener Installation

Why is a whole-house water softener helpful? Because hard water causes numerous issues:

  • Build-up in pipes increases water pressure and creates clogs.
  • Limescale in appliances can ruin them, especially a water heater.
  • Stains on glass surfaces and faded color in clothing.
  • Difficult to keep clean because hard water makes it hard to work up soap lather.

The water softener installation from pros counteracts hard water minerals and helps the plumbing system stay healthy.

Water Softener Repair

Once we install your water softener, you can expect years of solid service from it. It needs occasional maintenance and brine tank refills, but it should keep the plumbing in great shape for a long time. If you notice hard water troubles returning, or the water softener stops running, call us for repairs to restore it. We answer the phone 24/7.

Water Softener Replacement

When your hard water softener system runs down, we’re here to upgrade you to a new model. We’d like to help you delay this replacement for as long as possible, and regular water softener maintenance is the best way to do this. Sign up for our Thomas Loyalty Club for the routine maintenance you need not just for your water softener but for the rest of the plumbing. Thomas Home Services has your Heroes for Hire in Chandler, AZ!