Thomas Loyalty Club

$25 /month
Get a free high five from the tech when he shows up!

Maintenance Plan includes

Combined HVAC system maintenance:
Your annual maintenance visit includes both year you heating and cooling system so you can safely switch back and forth whenever the weather changes.  This plan covers one heating and cooling system.  Additional systems require add-on coverage.  Each additional system is $15/month.

Plumbing system maintenance:
Each year your plumbing system will receive a through inspection, scheduled service, and system adjustments including all covered components and fixtures to help protect you from unexpected breakdowns.

Up to $300 in FREE service:
You will receive one free repair each year you are a bronze plan member.  Just pay your $89 service fee for any of your covered trades: heating, cooling, or plumbing and the repair is free (up to a $300 value).  You will receive your free service coupon each year you are a Bronze plan member.

24-hour emergency response guarantee:
We define an emergency as the failure of a covered item which may cause personal injury or substantial damage to property if not addressed within 24 hours of notification.

15% discount on repairs and other services:
Should you ever need us for any repairs, you’ll get a whopping 15% discount off of our normal rates.  The price quoted at the time of service will reflect this discount.  Other offers may apply to new heating and cooling systems and sewer replacements.  Cannot combine offers.

We stand behind our guarantee’s 100%!