Plumbing Maintenance Services

Ensure Your Plumbing System’s Peak Performance with Our Maintenance Services

At Thomas Home Services, we understand the importance of a well-maintained plumbing system. Regular maintenance is crucial for avoiding costly repairs and ensuring the efficient operation of your plumbing infrastructure. Our skilled technicians offer comprehensive plumbing maintenance services that cover all aspects of your home’s plumbing to keep everything flowing smoothly and reliably.

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Some of the Maintenance Services We Offer Include:

Water Heater Maintenance

Water heaters are crucial for comfort in your home, but they can degrade over time due to sediment buildup and corrosion. Our water heater maintenance service includes flushing the tank to remove sediment, checking the pressure relief valve, inspecting the anode rod for corrosion, and assessing all electrical and gas connections for safety and efficiency. This maintenance not only prolongs the life of your water heater but also enhances its efficiency and safety, ensuring that you always have hot water when you need it.

Inspection and Adjustment of Plumbing Fixtures

To ensure the longevity and proper functionality of your plumbing fixtures, our service includes detailed inspections and precise adjustments. We check faucets, toilets, and showerheads for leaks, correct water flow, and test pressure systems to ensure everything is operating as it should. This routine care helps prevent the wear and tear that can occur over time, thereby extending the fixtures’ lifespan and ensuring that they operate efficiently, conserving water and reducing your utility bills.

Leak Detection and Repair

Leaks can be silent, but they’re costly. Our leak detection and repair service utilizes state-of-the-art technology to locate hidden leaks within your plumbing system quickly and accurately. Whether it’s a dripping faucet or an underground pipe leak, our skilled technicians can address the issue promptly, preventing potential water damage and saving you from high water bills. Regular leak detection is a proactive step towards maintaining the structural integrity of your home and ensuring efficient water usage.

Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains are more than a nuisance; they can lead to serious plumbing disasters if left unchecked. Our drain cleaning service is thorough and designed to keep your drainage system free from obstructions. We use advanced methods such as hydro-jetting, which not only clears clogs but also cleans the interior walls of your pipes, removing buildup of grease, soap, and other debris. Regular drain cleaning can prevent unpleasant odors, slow drainage, and the need for emergency interventions.

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Why Plumbing Maintenance is Essential

Regular maintenance of your plumbing system can prevent unexpected problems and extend the lifespan of your pipes and fixtures. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Prevention of Major Plumbing Issues: Routine checks can identify and resolve minor issues before they escalate into major repairs.

  • Improved Water Efficiency: Maintenance ensures that all fixtures and pipes are free of leaks, which can significantly reduce your water bills.

  • Enhanced Water Quality: Regular cleaning and inspection of pipes prevent the buildup of rust and debris, which can affect your water’s taste and healthiness.


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Understanding that every home needs plumbing maintenance, we offer a thorough maintenance plan through the Thomas Loyalty Club designed to address the specific demands of your plumbing system. Our maintenance plan is tailored to keep your plumbing in top condition without disrupting your daily activities.

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Thomas Home Services is dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. Our licensed plumbers are not only skilled but also committed to providing friendly, reliable service. We use the latest technology and best practices to ensure that your plumbing system is in the best possible condition.

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