How Long Does It Take To Install an Air Conditioner

How Long Does It Take To Install an Air Conditioner

Have you recently moved into a new home or considering an upgrade of your existing HVAC system? Perhaps, the scorching heat of the summer has you contemplating a new air conditioning unit. If so, understanding the length of time required for an AC unit installation can be quite beneficial. An average installation of a new […]

What Is a Home Warranty & How Does It Work

What Is a Home Warranty

As a homeowner, navigating the maze of home repairs can be daunting. When the air conditioner sputters in the heart of summer or the refrigerator goes kaput, the financial burden can be overwhelming. This is where a home warranty coverage steps in, offering a safety net for your wallet. Imagine having a trusted home warranty […]

Three Tried and Tested Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

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Summer is quickly approaching and you’re going to need every tool in your toolbox to fight against the heatwaves that are on their way. Sure, you could just cross your fingers, ignore the problem at hand, and jump right into summer. However, we’ve noticed a trend that the less attention homeowners pay toward their air […]

When Should You Call Us for an AC Emergency?

When Should You Call Us for an AC Emergency

Most modern air conditioning systems are reliable and can last a long time before giving you any trouble. However, like any other machine, an air conditioning system will eventually suffer from mechanical problems because of natural wear and tear. Some problems could be minor and do not need immediate intervention from expert professionals. However, it […]

Time to See What Condition My Conditioner Is In!

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Replacing an AC is no simple task. It requires a complete removal of the old system and the installation of a brand-new system. We don’t want to talk about it as if we’re selling a service to you, but we want to highlight some of the best reasons why you might want to think about […]

3 AC Trends to Pay Attention to

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Air conditioning trends have changed a lot in the past few decades. Ever since the invention of the window AC unit, manufacturers and contractors alike have used innovation as a way to stay ahead of the competition and make new and exciting pieces of technology. Soon, the invention of the central air conditioner changed the […]

How a New AC Can Help With Your Heating Needs

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We know, we know … This sounds like it can’t possibly be true. How the heck can a new air conditioner help you with heating? Aren’t they fundamentally two different things that require two different solutions? Well, you’re half right and half wrong! When it comes to air conditioning installation in Phoenix, AZ, we talk a lot about the […]

Do You Have a Refrigerant Leak?

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This problem is a pretty common one, which is why we believe it warrants a whole blog post dedicated to the topic! Refrigerant leaks are problems that only really pertain to refrigerant-based heating and cooling systems, like central air conditioners and heat pumps. Luckily for us, that’s what most of our customers use in such […]