How Long Does It Take To Install an Air Conditioner

How Long Does It Take To Install an Air Conditioner

Have you recently moved into a new home or considering an upgrade of your existing HVAC system? Perhaps, the scorching heat of the summer has you contemplating a new air conditioning unit.

If so, understanding the length of time required for an AC unit installation can be quite beneficial. An average installation of a new AC unit typically takes between 4 and 8 hours to complete, but remember, it’s an investment worth every bit of your time.

It all ‘depends’ on the specific requirements of your home’s unique layout and the type of AC units you choose. But don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered!

Read on to know more.

Can You Install the Air Conditioner Yourself?

The number one question of many homeowners is, “Can I install the new air conditioner myself?” While it’s true that you may have the necessary skills to perform an air conditioner installation, you should bear a few crucial points in mind:

  • First, installing an air conditioner involves complex processes, such as handling refrigerant, and electrical wiring, and ensuring the correct installation of both indoor and outdoor units. These are tasks best left to certified professionals.
  • Secondly, any mistakes made during installation could put your new air conditioner at risk, leading to inefficient operation or even damage to the system. This could significantly increase the installation time and cost you more in the long run.
  • Lastly, most manufacturers void warranties if the installation is not carried out by a licensed professional. This means if anything goes wrong with your unit, you could be responsible for the full repair or replacement costs.

To sum up, while installing an air conditioner yourself may seem like a way to save money, the potential risks and extra costs involved make it worthwhile to hire a professional from the outset.

How to Prepare Your Home for Installation

Now, if you decide to go ahead with professional AC installation, there are a few steps you can take to shorten the actual installation time of your new AC system.

Here’s a simple guide:

  • Clear the Installation Area: Make sure the areas where both the air conditioners and air handler will be installed are clear. This includes removing any furniture or other objects that may be in the way.
  • Prepare Indoor Space: If your new AC system includes an indoor unit, ensure the area is easily accessible. Remove any items that might obstruct the technician’s path to the install location.
  • Lay Drop Cloths: While not mandatory, you can lay drop cloths in the areas where the technicians will be working. This will protect your floors from any potential dust or debris that may be created during the installation, and it also speeds up the process as technicians won’t have to spend time doing it.
  • Clear the Outdoor Area: If the new system involves an outdoor unit, ensure the outside area is clear of debris, garden tools, or any other obstacles.
  • Secure Pets: If you have pets, make sure they are secured in a separate room during the installation process. This helps avoid any accidental escapes or disturbances.
  • Line Set Access: Ensure that the path for the line set, which connects the indoor and outdoor units, is unblocked.

By following these steps, you can simplify the installation process and ensure your new air conditioner is up and running in the shortest possible time.

What to Expect During the Installation Day

On installation day, expect the professionals to arrive on time and ready to work.

They’ll start by confirming the installation plan with you, ensuring they understand your home’s specific needs.

Next, they will safely remove any existing AC unit and prepare the area for your new system. The indoor air handler unit is typically installed first, followed by the outdoor condenser unit. Both units are then connected by the line set for refrigerant flow. This process includes carefully handling refrigerant and dealing with high-voltage electrical connections.

Once the units are installed and connected, the team will conduct a full system test to ensure everything is operating correctly.

They’ll also walk you through the basics of operating your new AC unit, discussing maintenance, and answering any questions you may have.

Remember, professional installation ensures your AC unit is properly set up for optimal efficiency and performance, which could save you money in the long run.

Therefore, it’s crucial to be prepared and understand what to expect on installation day.

Useful Tips to Protect Your Newly Installed Air Conditioner

Protect Your Newly Installed Air Conditioner

Many homeowners tend to not prioritize the maintenance of their air conditioning system post-installation. However, to ensure your AC replacement effectively cools your home and operates at peak efficiency, certain steps need to be followed.

Initial Inspection

Firstly, conduct an initial inspection of both the indoor evaporator coil and the outdoor components of your AC system. This includes the condensing unit and any other external parts. Regularly checking these components for any signs of wear, damage, or dirt can help spot problems early and consequently enhance your system’s efficiency.

Ductwork Modifications

Your ductwork may require modifications to ensure an airtight seal free from leaks. Even minor leaks can lead to significant energy loss. HVAC contractors can conduct a thorough inspection and carry out any necessary modifications, thereby maximizing the efficiency of your AC system.

Yearly Maintenance

Implement a schedule for yearly maintenance. This routine check by professional HVAC contractors will ensure your AC system continues to operate optimally. It includes a thorough cleaning of the indoor evaporator coil and outdoor condensing unit, as well as checking refrigerant levels and inspecting other components for potential issues.

Hire a Reputable HVAC Contractor

Lastly, always hire a reputable HVAC contractor for any installation, replacement, or maintenance tasks. A skilled contractor will have the knowledge and experience to install and maintain your system correctly, ensuring it operates efficiently and prolongs the lifespan of your system.

Key Takeaways

The time and cost involved in AC installation can vary depending on the complexity of your home’s specific needs. However, entrusting this task to a professional ensures optimal efficiency and longevity of your system, safeguarding your investment.

In retrospect, while initial costs may be higher, the long-term benefits and potential savings from a professional installation are substantial. Remember to schedule regular maintenance checks to keep your system in top-notch condition.

If you reside in Chandler, AZ, or nearby areas, don’t hesitate to contact Thomas Home Services for a professional AC installation, ensuring your home remains comfortable all year round.

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