What to Do in a Ductless Emergency

What to Do in a Ductless Emergency

We’ve all heard those PSAs about a gas furnace and how to deal with one in an emergency. For many homes, that’s why we have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors so that when something does go wrong, there are some safeguards in place to stop us from getting hurt. Well, not much is ever said about ductless HVAC emergencies, and sometimes they do occur, but there are some nifty systems in place to help you make it through the ordeal.

For instance, if you encounter a situation where you need ductless heating repair in Phoenix, there are a few things you should know. In this blog, we’ll touch on each helpful bit of information that can be important when you encounter a loss of heat in one or more air handlers throughout your house.

Just remember that if you have any questions or need any professional services like repairs, call the world’s friendliest technicians ASAP!

Your Air Handlers Might Still Work

If one of your ductless systems breaks down, that can be quite the situation to have. Especially now, during the holiday season when many homeowners are hosting family members, it can send everyone into quite a panic!

First of all, we urge you not to stress out. Ductless systems are designed to keep working even when one part has a malfunction and ceases to work. For instance, if you’ve got multiple air handlers in your home and one of them stops providing you with heat, or is even providing you with lukewarm temperatures, you can all move to a room in the house with a different air handler that’s still working. Then, use doors and other methods to insulate that room until help arrives.

Air handlers will still work even when another one is malfunctioning, so you should still have some heat in your house when you encounter this situation.

Professional Help Is Necessary

Next, once you’re feeling safe and comfortable, we urge you to call our team for professional repairs. If you’ve still got a working air handler, then great! But the ones that are broken or running into serious issues need to be repaired by a licensed HVAC technician.

Luckily, one quick call to our team should set you up for success. Stay calm and comfortable, and we will handle the rest!

Other Ductless Emergencies

A broken-down air handler isn’t the only type of emergency you can run into this winter. There are also situations where all of the air handlers aren’t working properly, and this can be a big cause for concern. Perhaps your system is losing refrigerant, or there’s an issue with the outdoor cabinet not being able to absorb heat from the atmosphere.

Even a sour smell coming from your air handlers can signal the need for professional help. This might be a clog in your condensate drain that’s leading to mold growth and some serious problems.

In the event of a ductless HVAC system emergency, call our team. We promise that we can help you through any conundrum you could think of.

Thomas Homes Services has your back. Call the World’s Friendliest Technicians!



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